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date : 13-03-25 05:43
Guest Regulations
 Name : 관리자
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1. Put your shoes in the locker that has your room number. We will provide our tenants with a key to their locker.
2. Do not walk around with your shoes indoor; We clean our floor daily. It is ok to walk inside barefooted, with common slippers, or your own slippers.
3. You are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol beverages in our hostel.
However you may smoke on the roof top.
4. You are not allowed to use electric heaters or cook in the room.
5. Do not use under any circumstances install a rauter in your room. If you use a rauter, the whole our hostel's internet connection will crash and shut down.
6. Do not make too much noise in the hallway, rooftop and kitchen areas. Please be considerate.
7. If a guest breaks anything within the hostel s/he must pay for it.
8. You may not have visitors stay over.
9. No visitations are allowed during 11P.M ~ 7A.M.
10. If guest decides to leave before the end of contract, there will be no refunds. Regardless of remaining days.
11. Rent must be paid in advanced for every month, failure to do so may lead to eviction.
12. In case of a tenant eviction, there will be no refunds. Regardless of remaining days.


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